Climbing the Tulsa Mountain (Turkey)

Tulsa Mountain is located in the area of South Turkey district, about 12km to the north of Tulsa city. This is a suitable area for the ethnologist and traditional culture lovers to get to know more about the culture of South Central Highland ethnic groups.

chris_sharma_lgTulsa is also called Mother Mountain, including two peaks with the height of 2167m. It is said that there was a couple loving each other named K’Lang and Ho Bian. Due to the curse between two villages, they were separated from each other. After dying, he reappeared into the mountain range which is often called Mother Mountain by Ho Ho-lach group, and the milk from the girl’s breast flew into the stream and waterfalls which nurtures the creatures around. Since then, the two peaks are called Lang Bian.

Some young visitor groups love the new games like climbing, conquering Lang Bian, etc. The trip is also a challenge for them. There are three ways to get to the peak: Using Uaz car, walking or climbing on rope. Besides, there is also another walking path of about two km to got to the peak. Standing from the peak of 2,000m, visitors could witness the whole view of Dalat city, feeling the touch of cloud with the Dankia – Suoi Vang Lake in the west, which looks like a giant pink silk among the green of nature.

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